Christian Meesey

St. Louis, MO

Christian Meesey’s offbeat cartoons and caricatures have been displayed on walls and in rubbish bins worldwide for over 20 years! Meesey is known for his line work, as well as the ability to capture a likeness. His distinctive art is instantly recognizable as his own, no matter how hard he tries to rip off other cartoonists (such as MAD Magazine luminaries Jack Davis, Mort Drucker, and Hermann Mejia). Meesey’s work combines the foundational structure and methods of his mentor, Tom Richmond, with the sensibilities of underground comic books.

Meesey creates most of his work traditionally with pen and ink but has been making waves (Five Stars from Aunt Petunia!) with his vibrant and unique digital colors. He is currently writing and illustrating such comics as TIME SHOPPER! (with Tony Fleecs), SWALLOW: Vampires in the Big City (with Camilla Rantsen), GHOST AGENTS (with Rocko Jerome), TURBO HAWK! (with Your Mom!) and MOTLEY and HARV Meet a Dracula! (with himself).

The illustrator has worked with such clients as Disney, Warner Brothers, IDW, Dynamite, Blind Ferret, Cosmic Lion, his aunt Petunia, and others.

Meesey is getting his MFA in Illustration from the Hartford Art School in Hartford, CT, class of ‘23. He lives and draws somewhere in the Midwest (probably St. Louis)

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