Chuck Dillon

Dunstable, MA

Chuck Dillon was born in a small chaotic row home in Philadelphia where drawing was always encouraged. He first started considering himself a cartoonist since landing his comic strip, The Inside Dirt, in Philadelphia’s Daily News in 1993. After college Chuck taught for thirteen years at his alma mater, the Hussian School of Art. Chuck has created award winning illustrations for such clients as Highlights Magazine, PBS Sprout, Princeton University, the Philadelphia Zoo and many more. His cartoons of 25 different student types went viral and eventually lead to the release of his book, Which Art Student Are You? 

Chuck enjoys wandering aimlessly in the woods, making others laugh, visiting foreign places, and convincing the world he is a cowboy (which he is not).

Chuck currently resides in Dunstable, MA with his beautiful scientist wife, their cute-as-a-button daughter, and one very cartoony dog.

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