Dave Klug

Pittsburgh, PA

4 out of 5 dentists recommend Dave for your illustration needs. This was not a clinical study. Only a quick survey taken at their
annual convention and just after the nitrous oxide presentation. But seriously, he has worked with a few dentists who love his work.
Dave’s illustrations can also be seen in their waiting rooms, in such┬ápublications as Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Wall Street Journal, and
in the kids magazine Highlights.

Since graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the 80’s, he has worked on some great projects with wonderful people in publishing and beyond. Along with the famous murals at the Primanti Brothers Restaurants, Dave also has murals in the PPG Paints Arena and the Pittsburgh International Airport. His talents have also spread out to the pet lover and veterinarian community with his limited edition prints and stationery.

He resides in Carnegie, PA with his lovely wife and their two dogs, where they are converting a 100 year old church rectory into their studio and home. This is home to not only them but their offices, a small store and a gallery space, named Double Dog Studios.

Dave is also a musician, well… he’s a drummer, since an early age. He collects and refurbishes vintage drum kits and is currently in a band The Red Beans & Rice Combo with fellow cartoonist Wayno.

Dave was a 2018 Rueben Award winner for his work with PNC Bank and their Christmas Price Index.

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