Davy Jones

League City, TX

Davy has been drawing crazy characters since he could hold a crayon in his hand. His earliest memory is drawing circles with his crayons and being so mad that the circles were not round enough. Even at the age of two, Davy was extremely hard on himself, striving to be better. His second earliest memory is his grandmother, Hoo Hoo, reading the Sunday comics to four-year-old Davy every Sunday morning. Davy knew way back then as he sat in his grandmother’s lap that he would be creating his own comic strips when he grew up. Unfortunately, Davy has yet to grow up….

“I love to draw stories,” explains Davy. “I am a huge fan of old comedies. My heroes of the silver screen are the Marx Brothers and Harold Lloyd. I want to bring classic, silly movies to life in my comic strips. Each panel is a scene and I am the director. I love changing each character’s emotions and directing each scene as each of the panels progresses. Yeah, I overanalyze everything. I am still trying to get my circles perfectly round too”.

Davy currently writes and illustrates the comic strip Charmy’s Army. The strip runs in a handful of newspapers across the country. The story follows a troop of army ants and a monkey at Fort Hill. Charmy is the main character in the series, but Frenchy is quickly becoming the fan favorite out of all the characters. Heavily influenced by Peanuts, Bloom County, and Calvin and Hobbes, Charmy’s Army is quickly growing in population as Davy promotes his work at comic cons and at panel discussions.

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