Dee Sarah Fish

Oil City, Pennsylvania

Dee Fish is a Pennsylvania-based cartoonist, illustrator, and graphic designer. As a cartoonist, she is the creator of the online comic strip, Dandy & Company. An all-ages humor comic strip in the vein of “Looney Tunes” and “Peanuts” surrounding the misadventures of a dog and his boy. She is also the writer and artist of the creator owned comic books, The Wellkeeper and “Apparition“. She has also worked on stories for “Tellos”, “The Perhapanauts” and “The Mice Templar” for Image comics, “Star Mage” and “White Chapel” for IDW Publishing, “Atomic Robo” for Red 5 Comics, and is the co creator, co writer and illustrator for the series “Carpe Noctem” for Hashtag Comics.

Dee is also the artist of Sabrina Pandora’s long-running webcomic, “Giant Girl Adventures”, and has been inking a couple of days a week of the long-running comic strip, “Dick Tracy” for penciler, Shelley Pleger. He current, main project is the semi-autobiographical weekly webcomic, “Finding Dee”, which focuses on the ins and outs of COMING out as transgender in your 40s while trying to make it as a cartoonist.

Dee doesn’t really like writing about herself, but when she does, she prefers to do so in the third person as it feels slightly LESS pretentious… until she writes a paragraph like this one.

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