Ellen Liebenthal

New York, NY

Ellen Liebenthal was born and raised on Long Island, and is now based in Manhattan. She has been drawing cartoons ever since she was able to hold a pencil. The scribbles in the margins of her school notebooks led to original characters and comic strips. In the fall of 2017, with a new sketchbook in hand, she challenged herself to create 10 original cartoon characters. This quickly turned into a collection of 100. When her new goal of 500 was in sight, she aimed for more. 1000 characters sounded cooler anyway. Her work has been featured on quilting fabric, apparel, album covers, patches, pins, and puzzles.

She is the author of ‘Dan Harmon Please Hire Me.’ Her following books ‘Dan Didn’t Call – Matt Groening, It’s Your Turn,’ and ‘A-Z of Cryptozoology’ will be published later this year. Her fabric lines can be viewed through the links above.

Ellen is the 3rd Vice President and Social Media Director for the National Cartoonists Society.

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