J. Toons! (Joshua Warren)

J. Toons! (Joshua Warren) has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a crayon. The first unfortunate victim of his creative impulses were the white walls of his childhood bedroom. From there, he began using more “standard” — and easier to replace! — materials, like paper and canvas. He’s still a huge fan of paper, pencils, and pensĀ to this day… and draws nearly exclusively with only those materials, giving his work a unique, human quality often lacking in purely digital creations.

J. Toons! draws all types of art (children’s and comic books, editorial cartoons, and graphic design) and in a variety of styles (comic books, surrealism, gag cartoons, and Zen-inspired Chinese paintings). His work has been featured in publications right beside comic book legend Steve Ditko (whose work and work ethic are also a constant inspiration), on both numerous book and CD covers, and all manner of printed materials (stickers, T-shirts, etc.).

One of J. Toons! most popular series, “Fun Facts for Fans of Fiction,” can be read weekly on Webtoons.

His client base circles the globe, including deep into the Far East.

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