Jack grew up in Newport, Oregon. He attended college in Portland. He met his lovely wife in college and they have a beautiful horse named Tanner and a rowdy dog named Jojo. Jack draws three main comics and without further ado, here they are.

Sketchy People
This is a people watching comic. It could be what someone is; doing, wearing, or saying (or an amazing combination) that makes them “sketchy”. Each comic has a location and time of day so the readers can really get a vibe of the city. You might see someone you know in this comic. Who knows, you could be next!

Gulls is a comic that follows a trio of gulls in a band called Flawker Rawker. Follow these seagulls and their quest to become flockstars. This comic is complete with actual music made by Jack and his band to give the band in the comic a real squawk n’ roll sound.

Minus Tide
This single panel gag comic deals with content from the sea. Farting divers, happy pirates under their Jolly Roger, or a marooned soul wondering what the wifi password is on a desert island. You never know what the Minus Tide will uncover next!

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