John Duncan

Chatsworth, CA.

John Duncan went to Art Instruction School while still in high school.He did cartoons for the newspaper and yearbook.He also was Staff Cartoonist on his college newspaper. While in college he worked as a cartoonist for L.A. City Schools. Duncan also worked as a cartoonist on the UCLA Bruins newspaper.

Duncan graduated from Cal State LA with a BS degree in Recreation Education. He worked as a Playground Director. Later he worked as a Recreation Supervisor and Recreation Specialist for LA County Parks and Recreation. He was a Arts and Crafts Director at Santa Monica Boys’ Club.

In the U. S. Army he was a Draftsman. Duncan won a National Poster contest in Thailand where he was stationed. He had cartoons published in the Pacific Stars and Stripes.

John Duncan was a magazine gag cartoonist for numerous National Publications. Duncan was also a Staff Cartoonist for the Sun Reporter where he drew spot drawings, advertising cartoons as well as gag cartoons for the paper.

Duncan had a comic book, “Circus People” which was self- published by Canco Publishing. It sold at different comic book stores like Hi-De-Ho in Santa Monica as well as San Diego Comic-Con.

He had a comic strip, “Dumb Question/Bad Answer” on GoComics/Comic Sherpa. Duncan now has a comic strip, “Strange and Odd”

John Duncan is widowed and his son, Dean lives with him.

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