Milburn Taylor

Austin/Marble Falls/Fort Worth, Texas

Milburn Taylor, a native Texan from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, is an advertising design graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California (BFA), and the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas (BA).

Milburn held a variety of creative positions at nationally recognized advertising agencies and design studios before starting Milburn Taylor Associates/Creative Services in Fort Worth, Texas (1978).

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In 1981 Milburn moved his family and aspirations to Austin, Texas where he opened Milburn Creative to offer complete Advertising Design Services. Clients have included local and regional advertising agencies, public relations firms, banks, real estate companies, chambers of commerce, and small business owners, as well as national and international companies.

On the lighter side of business…
“A picture is worth 1000 words.” It’s true! Sometimes using a fun illustration is one of the best ways to make your point. Milburn’s friendly style of art is a great way to get your message noticed, and remembered! It’s also a great way to “Win Friends & Influence Customers.”

In 2023 Milburn Taylor expanded his business to reflect both graphic design, as well as fun and lighthearted illustrations for all media including promotional products.

Milburn Creative

The Humor Gallery, a new venture, will soon offer original art, prints gifts and more! Check it out occassionally as new works will be added.

To explore the many ways you can promote your ideas, products, and services with fun and effective art, please take a moment to contact Milburn today.

A unique perspective…

Milburn and his wife Ruth, a newly retired Marketing Professor at Texas State University, have had the privilege of traveling throughout the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, England, Sweden, much of Europe, Morocco, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and most recently Oaxaca, Mexico. These travels have helped him gain a unique perspective and an appreciation of other cultures and customs. In our increasingly multi-cultural society, this insight seems more important than ever.

On the personal side…

Milburn is a member of the National Cartoonist’s Society, founding member and
Vice Chair of the National Cartoonists Society/Lone Star Chapter—formed in November 2014. He also designed the Texas Cartoonists logo and website.

You can also click on the logos below to visit:

The National Cartoonists Society

Milburn is also an avid “wannabe” fly fisherman, and after 15+ years,
he’s still an absolute novice—catching more flies than fish.
But he loves the sport anyway!

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