Nancy Beiman

Toronto, Ontario

I am a character animator with experience in feature films, short films, and television specials. Studios: Disney, Warner Brothers, Bill Melendez Productions, Amblimation, many others. One of the original Character Animation Program students in ’75, but I didn’t stay in one place very long.  I made three independent films:  YOUR FEET’S TOO BIG, THE OTHER EDEN, and A SHORT HISTORY OF INDIANS IN CANADA. I taught animation courses at the graduate and undergraduate level for 20 years and wrote two landmark books on the subject: PREPARE TO BOARD: Creating Story for Animated Feature and Shorts, and ANIMATED PERFORMANCE, the only book on animated acting written by an animator. I retired from teaching in 2022 and three months later decided to go back to work for the worst boss I ever had: myself.  FurBabies debuted on GoComics in June, 2023 and is updated daily.

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