Rex A. Jones is the creator of the webcomic strip “Oscar”. He’s the author of seven Oscar the cartoon parrot books. He’s a retired hypnotherapist, actor, and teacher and works full-time freelance as an artist and cartoonist, living in Jackson, Michigan with his wife Judy, Quaker parrot Bubbee and green cheek conure Caesar. He was born in Fort Bragg, NC. He has loved to draw for as long as he can remember.

His first published cartoon appeared in Boy’s Life when he was 12. He also drew cartoons and illustrations for his school paper and year book. He attended Lansing Community College and then Michigan State University receiving a BFA and then an MA in Art Education. He drew political cartoons and then a cartoon strip for the Leslie Local Independent called “Leslie Locos”, from 1979 to 1988. He also published cartoons in the newspaper “Town Crier” and in the Mensa Newsletter (of which he was a member) and other newsletters.​

In his checkered career he has worked as a farm hand, a heavy equipment operator, musician, actor, hypnotherapist, prison guard, school teacher, and college instructor. He worked in the theatre as an actor, director, scenic artist, set designer, and makeup artist. He enjoys practicing western martial arts and performed with Art of Combat a Lansing, Michigan based stage combat company as a stage combatant. However, his first love has always been cartooning since he read his first “Peanuts” comic strip. His early influences include Charles Schulz, Jim Berry, Joe Kubert, and Jack Kirby.

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