Sal Amendola

Indio, CA

Johnny Hart did this “photo” of me. It was me when I was much younger and much prettier than I now am. I now look like a mean old man. I’m not mean, but, well, I was born March 8, 1948. So there that goes.

I was born in Italy, lived most of my life all over Brooklyn, NY, a couple years in Connecticut, and now spend time in Calgary, and California.

I retired from teaching at the School of Visual Arts in 2015, having taught at the college since 1974. Got my MFA there (Robert McGinnis was my thesis advisor). I now almost exclusively do paintings and portraits (all mediums, but mostly acrylics). The accompanying painting was a sketch I did, with casein. The casein was against my “religion” (I’m otherwise still as absolute-vegan as our species and other realities allow), but the painting zipped out so quick and easy, I just love it. It was one of two contributions I made toward NCSs efforts to help bring some relief to the peoples who suffered the hurricanes in Puerto Rico, and mainland south/east U.S. (my other contribution was one of my Tarzan ink drawings for the character’s 100th).

My fame, such as it is, came from having written and drawn Batman & other DC characters, and Archie Comics.

Contrary to  popular “wisdom”, since 1967, I continue to become increasingly Liberal, ideologically. I miss teaching. And I miss “hanging” with all my NCS and Society of Illustrators sisters and brothers. Such is life.

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