Scott Hilburn

Legend has it, I was born precisely at the age of 0 on top of an arctic glacier. Reportedly, at the exact moment of my birth, cataclysmic and miraculous events occurred all over the world: Mount Vesuvius erupted, the poles shifted, rare comets appeared in the sky and I Dream of Jeannie was cancelled. Living next door to a nuclear weapons testing facility as a child, I was exposed to high levels of intense radiation. The prolonged exposure to this radiation resulted in the development of special powers such as extraordinary drawing and writing capabilites. After years of developing my artistic skill, it is now time for me to use my drawing powers and cartooning abilities to save the world. There is no need to thank me for my work. It is my gift to mankind. Other interesting facts about me: I live in the Dallas area I have all of my teeth I can stand on one leg and whistle at the same time I am a good spellar

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