Terry "Doc" Smith

Clarksville, TN

My name is Terry “LeRoy” Smith, but I prefer “Doc.” It’s a long story. You can read about it in history books some day. Ha! (Alf Laugh!)

I earned a B. S. in Medical Illustration from Ohio State University.  My training has included instruction from James Gorbola at the University of Louisville; Steven Moon and Bob Hummel at The Ohio State University; and Philip Drummond at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

I was fortunate to teach in both the Medical Illustration and Biomedical Communications programs at Ohio State. I was also a nationally syndicated cartoonist with the King Features Syndicate, Inc. National syndication means my cartoons appeared weekly in newspapers across the U.S.A.

My passion has always been art. I was thrilled to become a Medical Illustrator. Not many people can accomplish that. But over the past several years my focus has changed to cartoons. Not many people want to post a surgical illustration on their wall.  Go figure!

As a professional cartoonist I create humorous illustrations for books, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and more.

I am a lifetime student of art. I also enjoy sharing my talents with anyone who cares to listen and look. My art philosophy is to continuously learn new techniques and practice, practice, practice.

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