How to Save Images for Web – a Quick Guide

January 4, 2016

We’ve learned that some artists are having trouble converting images to the required format for online submission in the 2015 Silver Reuben award categories.

Creators with the major syndicates are welcome to download their images from the major online comics sites and submit those by email.

If that is not an option and you are unfamiliar with the best method of saving images for web, follow these steps.

1) Open the desired image in Photoshop

2) If the image is in layers, flatten the image by going to Layer > Flatten Image.


3) Check that Image > Mode is set to Grayscale (for B&W images) or RGB (for color images).


4) in the Image > Image Size dialog window, change the Resolution to 72dpi.

5) change the image Width to 800 pixels.

6) make sure the Resample Image drop-down is set to Bicubic (not Nearest Neighbor!) and click OK.


7) Go to File > Save for Web & Devices… set the file type to JPEG, High quality, then Save.


Good luck with your submission!

Artwork by Luke McGarry, view the full piece HERE.

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