NCS Board responds to discriminatory Tennessee law

May 27, 2016


The National Cartoonists Society Board of Directors is disheartened by Tennessee’s recent enactment of discriminatory law HB1840, which gives counselors and therapists permission to refuse mental health services to LGBT people and others, and directly conflicts with mental health providers’ codes of ethics.

We affirm to both our diverse membership, and to the public at large, that the NCS Board strongly opposes state-sponsored discrimination against any group or individual, and that the NCS itself does not discriminate in any way. We look forward to holding our annual Reuben Awards Ceremony and convention in Memphis, Tennessee this Memorial Day weekend. However, in the future when selecting a location for our annual convention, this Board will consider only states that do not have discriminatory laws.

In supporting Memphis, we are supporting ALL of its citizens, which includes members of the LGBT community and anyone else who may be adversely affected by HB1840.

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