NCS Movie Night this Sunday, 14th at 4PM EDT

August 10, 2022

Break out the popcorn cuz we've got a real treat for you!


A FREE Public screening will be held via Zoom at 4pm Eastern on Sunday, August 14th.
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The National Cartoonists Society is proud to host a free, public screening of Hand Drawn Life, an award-winning documentary about the history and influence of newspaper comic strips by Tom Tanquary with R.C. Harvey.

Tracing the rise and influence of comic strips from the early days of newspapers to now, this film includes interviews with 20 cartoonists and historians as well as artwork and insights from over 100 years of comic strips.

Following the film, we will have a panel with the filmmaker Tom Tanquary and film participants Lalo Alcaraz, Andrew Farago, Greg Evans, Cathy Guisewite, Lynn Johnston, Keith Knight, Peter Maresca, and Brian Walker.

NCS Movie Night this Sunday, 14th at 4PM EDT | National Cartoonists Society

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