SECNCS Annual Meeting

September 29, 2015

SECNCS annual meeting will take place at Embassy Suites in Greenville, SC coming up on October 10, 201 .  (Just a month out as of today).

Barbara Dale will be our keynote speaker.  Barbara is well known for her many humorous greeting cards that can truly be called “ubiquitous” throughout the United States.  Travel by car from East to West, or North to South and you’ll be hard pressed to find a shop or convenience market that does not carry a selection of Barbara’s cards.  Travel by plane and it’s much the same.  I’ve seen them from Atlanta to San Diego!  So if you thought you weren’t familiar with her work, well, turns out you were.

So you won’t want to miss the tale of how Barbara manages this sort of total market saturation, and keeps on selling more and more designs all the time. She’s also pretty funny.

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Our chapter is blessed to have a wide assortment of talented “locals”, including Kate Salley-Palmer who lives just outside of Greenville—and has graciously consented to be one of our speakers as well.  Kate is well known for her editorial cartoons, but in recent years has taken to creating children’s books, published by her own company, Warbranch Press.  So I know you’ll all be anxious to hear how she’s made this transition from successful editorial cartoonist to successful children’s writer and illustrator.


You’d think that would be enough, however, as the man on TV says, “We’re not stoppin’ there!”

In addition to Barbara and Kate we’ve also managed to convince two other well known cartoonists from the region to join in a panel discussion (moderated by University of South Carolina Professor, Qianna Whitted—whom you may recall from last year’s meeting in Athens, GA).  Our additional speakers will include:

June Brigman, currently occupied with the creation of the Brenda Starr comic strip (aided and abetted by her husband Roy Richardson).  June is also well known for having co-created the Marvel Comics pre-teen superhero title, Power Pack.  She and Roy live in the Atlanta area and so we’re pleased to have us join us and hope you’ll all be there to show them a warm welcome (and hopefully convince them to come hang out with us more often—if they can manage the time).


And speaking of Atlanta area folks, we’ve also invited Stephanie Gladden-Miller to be one of our panelists.

For much of our chapter Stephanie needs no introduction, as she’s one of our most active members, showing up for nearly every event our chapter has put on—well, since yours truly has been involved anyway, and I think she was doing so even before.  Stephanie seems to operate tirelessly to create an endless output of always “on-model” licensed characters as well as many of her own creations for various clients and publishers—as well as showing constant support and enthusiasm for the SEC and comics fandom in general (along with her husband John who is also a delightful fan of various media).

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So with a line up like that how could you possibly miss it?

But wait!  There’s MORE.

I know this is backing up a little, but on Friday, October 9 at 2 in the afternoon many of those arriving early will be taking a side trip to Greenville Children’s Hospital to help cheer the children there along with their families as our chapter joins with the NCS “Cartooning for Kids” program.  If you’re interested in volunteering for this event, let me know.  There’s still time to sign up, but the sooner we have a headcount the better.  And if you’re wondering if you’ll fit in, let me encourage you to take the plunge—cartooning for kids at hospitals is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done (along with doing similar programs for veterans).  And I really do not like visiting hospitals, but every time I’ve had the opportunity to do one of these programs I’ve come out feeling ten feet tall (up from my usual 6’4”).

At this time we have not yet confirmed our restaurants for the weekend, but as you know from past years we always do our best (and succeed, I might add) at locating great medium-priced restaurants that serve a variety of pleasing meals to our group—as well as giving us the opportunity to spend some time socializing with one another.  So we’ll have more information on that as the event gets closer. (But the man on the job is Steve Haynie—and you know what a hound-dog he can be when a task is put before him.  He’ll find us the best tasting food at the best price for the least hassle, I guarantee it.)

BTW, the same weekend, Greenville will be hosting “Fall for Greenville”.  Our meeting has been specifically planned so that our own event can coincide with this autumn festival, but without the hassles of being right in the middle of the event.  But with 40 restaurants and 60 entertainers just a short

So, summing up here’s what you need to do:

1.  Clear your calendar for the weekend of October 9-11.
2.  Plan to drive, fly, walk, or roller skate to Greenville, SC.
3.  Book a room at Embassy Suites, Greenville for Friday and/or Saturday night (tell them you’re with our group to get the $139.00 rate).
4.  Be thinking and praying about joining us on Friday afternoon for our visit to Greenville Children’s Hospital.
5.  Get yourselves to Greenville!

James Lyle (NCS)

Chairman SECNCS
89 Walker Road
Waynesville, NC 28786

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