Stan Goldberg to be Honored with NCS Gold Key Award

February 15, 2012

Comic book legend Stan Goldberg will be receiving the National Cartoonists Society’s prestigious Gold Key Award at the 66th Annual NCS Reuben Awards, May 26th 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Gold Key, awarded by unanimous vote of the NCS Board of Directors, honors the recipient as a member of the NCS Hall of Fame. Stan’s career has spanned over sixty years since starting as a colorist for Timely (Marvel) Comics in 1949, where he helped establish the color designs for characters like Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. His work for Archie Comics has been a staple of excellent comic storytelling for almost half a century.

From Bongo Comics co-founder and creative director, cartoonist and writer Bill Morrison:

Stan Goldberg has cemented his place in comic book history, thanks primarily to his work over the past four decades at Archie Comics. Stan is known worldwide as one of Archie’s most beloved artists, and has drawn a mountain of stories for the company’s various titles, as well as the Archie sunday newspaper strip, which he drew from 1975 to 1980

But Stan’s career in comics goes all the way back to 1949 when he started as a staff colorist for Marvel Comics predecessor, Timely Comics. Stan soon became manager of the coloring department, and is the artist responsible for designing the color schemes for many of Marvel Comics most iconic characters, including Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. But Stan also expanded his artistic talents while at Marvel, drawing stories for Teen Humor and Romance titles such as Millie the Model, Patsy Walker, and My Girl Pearl. For a few years Stan drew teen humor comics such as Binky’s Buddies and Swing with Scooter for DC comics, before settling at Archie in the early 1970’s.

Stan’s most recent accomplishments include the Archie marries Veronica/Archie Marries Betty mini-series, a feature length Simpsons Comics story for Matt Groening’s Bongo Comics, and The Best of Stan Goldberg, a deluxe hardcover anthology of his Archie Comics work from IDW publishing.

Congratulations, Stan!

Caricature by Tom Richmond

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