The Voting for the 2020 Reuben Awards is now open!

March 22, 2021

Don't miss out on the chance to make your voice heard!

Attention all NCS members!

The voting page for the NCS Reuben Division Awards is now live and waiting for you to cast your votes!

As an NCS member, this is an extremely important function for you to perform: our awards only accurately reflect the best of our industry when everyone takes the time to examine the choices and vote. Voting closes on Tuesday, April 6th.

There are five divisions to vote on, the top three nominees in each division are what you’ll be deciding. All of these divisions were juried by regional NCS chapters and the results were tallied to arrive at these final nominees. If a division had a tie vote, you will see four nominees. Nominees are listed alphabetically by last name. The remaining eleven divisions were all juried by specialty juries and their results will be announced when this online voting process is finished. Winners will be announced at the Annual Reuben Awards late summer 2021.

Here’s how it works:

1.  Go to

2.  Enter your username and password. They are the same ones you use for Memberclicks to log in to the NCS website to pay your dues, and the same username/password as last year. If you have forgotten either, please click here. If you have trouble with the reset process, or have changed your login information since the last voting or you are a new member, please contact the National NCS Office at

3.  Give the page a few seconds to completely load.

4.  Each division has links to the images from the nominees. Click on a cartoonist’s link to bring up a box with thumbnails of their images. Click any image to look at a larger version. Use the pop up arrows on the left and right to peruse all the images from that cartoonist, or go back to the box and choose another image.

5.  After you’ve had a good look at all the division’s nominees work, make your choices for first, second and third places in the drop down boxes at the top of that division’s section. Be aware, you need to vote for a different person in each of the three places, otherwise the second and third place votes will automatically be nullified.

6.  Move on to the next category and repeat the process.

7.  Once you have made all your choices in all five divisions, go to the bottom of the voting page and click the “Submit Your Votes” button. (***Important: Your votes will not be submitted unless you do this!)

Please note, you must complete all the voting in one sitting.  You won’t be able to save your progress and return later.

8. Done!

Voting closes on Tuesday, April 6th. Please don’t miss out on the chance to make your voice heard. Visit and cast your votes today!

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