NCS Charlie Hebdo Gallery

January 15, 2015

Last week’s attacks on the Paris offices of satirical publication Charlie Hebdo by militant terrorists left twelve dead including five cartoonists, and left the world’s cartooning community shocked, saddened, and angry. The NCS asked its members to share their thoughts, concerns, support, and feelings on this terrible event and its implications on our industry in the best way they know how… with cartoons. The following gallery of cartoons were submitted by NCS members and other professional cartoonists in a demonstration of solidarity with our fellow cartoonists the world over, in support and sympathy with the families of the victims, and in support of free speech everywhere (special thanks to Cagle Cartoons and Creators Syndicate for their help in compiling some of these works). Click any to enlarge:


Bill Whitehead

Devon Wickens

Dave Whammond

Mort Walker

Werner Wejp-Olsen

Villena and Tomaselli

Gary Varvel

Ann Telnaes

Martin Sutovec

Tom Stiglich

John Steventon

Elena Stier

Jeff Stahler

Chris Sparks

Ryan Sohmer & Lar DeSouza

Mark Simon

John Sheppard

David Silverman

Scott Shaw

Maria Scrivan

Michael Shaw

Nik Scott

Eric Scott

Bill Schorr

Arnold Roth

Steve Sack

John Rose

Rob Rogers

Henrik Rehr

Tom Richmond

Marshall Ramsey

Michael Ramirez

Milt Priggee

Rich Powel

Petar Pismetrovic

Mike Peters

Peaco Todd

Guy Parsons

Jeff Parker

Mark Parisi

Brian Narelle

Miel Prudencio Ma

Patrick Merrell

Kieran Meehan

Michael McParlane

Gary McCoy

Rick McKee

Dan McConnell

Mason Mastroianni

RJ Matson

Mason and Mick Mastroianni

Dan Martin

Gary Markenstein

Frank Mariani (after Escher)

Andy Marelette

Mike Lynch

Mike Luckovich

Terry Libenson

Donna Lewis

Mike Lester

Bill LaRocque

Tom Kerr

T Brian Kelly

T Brian Kelly

Steve Kelley

George Karalias

Jaume “Kap” Capdevila

Marian Kamenski

Taylor Jones

Bill Janocha

Al Jaffee

Jim Horowitz

Bill Holbrook

Hogans Alley (After Jack Kirby)

Jack Higgins

Joe Heller

Pertti “Ham” Hamalainen

Graham Harrop

Bob Gorrell

Mort Gerberg

Jordan Gorfinkel

Manny Francisco

Ron Evry

David Fitzsimmons

Suraj ‘Eskay’ Sriram

Greg Evans

Bob Englehart

Randall Enos

Sergei Elkin

Andy Eng

Mike Edholm

Steve DuQuette

Hajo de Reijer

John Deering

Bill Day

Jeff Daly

John Darkow

Barbara Dale

Paul Combs

Hector Curriel

Daryll Collins

John Cole

Jason Chatfield

Ken Catalino

Patrick Chappatte

Jack Cassady

Daryl Cagle

Cam Cardow

Chris Britt

Angel Boligan

Steve Breen

Chip Bok

Randy Bish

Dave Blazek

Steve Benson

Joep Bertrams

Nick Anderson

Drew Aquilina

Pat Bagley

Isabella Bannerman

Nate Beeler

Nancy Beiman

Caroyln Belefski

Darrin Bell

Adam Zyglis

Paul Zanetti

Joe Wos

Monte Wolverton

Hi and Lois

Pete Gallagher

Pete Gallagher

Kelly McNutt

Kelly McNutt

Lisa Benson

Lisa Benson

Patrick Harrington

Patrick Harrington

Rich Arons

Rich Arons

Yaakov Kirschen

Yaakov Kirschen

Chari Pere

Chari Pere

Sam Viviano

Sam Viviano- MAD Magazine

Jim Brenneman

Jim Brenneman

Paul Fell

Paul Fell


Howard Bender


Jason Yungbluth

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